Video Trailer

Hier ein Video-Trailer aus dem Jahr 2014:

Ihre Meinung?

  1. tony smith sagt:

    Very much enjoyed your film, reminded of pleasant stay with you a few years ago, you had just had a storm and a few big trees had been blown down, I was on my motorcycle.
    I wonder if Daniel is still singing ?

  2. aFleuth sagt:

    Hey Tony,
    thanks for your comment. I remember, you are the one who found out about our place by following a road sign on the motorway. The sign is showing a triangle with two crowns looking like a tent. Actually it is a symbol for mother mary and her son and the sign is showing the way to the pilgrim-town Kevelaer. So it does to „Anna Fleuth“. Great story, lots of fun!!!
    Greetings from Winnekendonk.Still singing!