It's official: We are the coolest place in the country!!!

Devider Blau

Alea iacta est! - The die is cast! The book "Cool Camping Deutschland" was published on April 19, 2012 and the Anna Fleuth campsite listed the almost 60 most beautiful campsites in Germany as the " best of the best" :

"There are places where everything is right in the first second. You feel the magic of the place, you can smell nature and you know exactly where your tent should be. And you can guess: It won't be easy to leave here again. It wasn't easy to choose - but here are our five favorites (well, actually there are seven):

1. Anna Fleuth, Winnekendonk

Pure cool camping: The grandiose idea of a young man[und seiner Familie] from North Rhine-Westphalia - camping in dad's garden. Simple, quiet, beautiful. No cars, no Bullis. " (Cool Camping Germany; page 11)

When the author Björn Staschen called me last year during his research and asked about a parking space for his Bulli, I had to disappoint him at first, because: as we all know, Bullis stay outside! So he decided to come the next day. Despite  - or maybe because of - this basket at the beginning he liked it very much anna Fleuth. So good, in fact, that earlier this year he emailed me the happy news: Hey shh, keep it to yourself for a while but you guys are the coolest place in the country. From now on, this praise will hopefully bring the village of Winnekendonk growing fame in Zelter circles.

In any case, the collection of cool campsites is impressive and the accompanying texts and photos give a good impression of the respective sites. The reader will find useful tips on how to get here - even without a Bulli - as well as information on facilities, prices, sights and good restaurants nearby. The ham simply makes you want to travel - from the Kanalrohr Hotel in Bottrop (very thick tent skin...) to The Tent in Munich and the Hooger tent camp on a salt marsh in the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea. A camping guide like this was missing and the reader quickly realizes that there is still a lot to discover. So, pack your tents and head out into the country!

"Cool Camping Germany" is available in bookstores or  at our kiosk for €19.90, check it out again.

stays with me  I also have to thank Björn for stopping off in Winnekendonk despite the ban on the Bulli. Because we quickly agreed that the Cool Camping wave is picking up speed. And we anna Fleuth are ready!

Many greetings,

Daniel off the pitch


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