Course rules

Devider Blau

By visiting the campsite you accept our site rules:

  1. The check in time is in the afternoon between 16:00 and 19:00. Please register with us before pitching your tents, we will show you the possible sites.
  2. It is also possible to arrive already in the morning. However, only in the period from 10:00 to 11:00. We will then add half an overnight fee.
  3. The departure must be done by 11.00 am. Those who want to stay longer on the premises, pay again half a night extra.
  4. If you arrive by car, please park close to each other and if necessary behind each other in the upper parking lot. If you are double-parking someone, please put their cell phone number behind the windshield. Alternative parking is available, for example, at the cemetery, Niersstraße about 500 meters further in the direction of Winnekendonk.
  5. Young people under the age of 18 are only allowed to spend the night on the campsite if accompanied by a parent or guardian. 
  6. Music from cell phone speakers, Bluetooth boxes, etc. is not allowed. Not everyone likes Helene Fischer or techno or Motörhead. Rather enjoy the music of nature or just the peace and quiet. Instruments and singing, on the other hand, are welcome!
  7. Please do not use torches, liquid grill lighters or disposable grills. Trangia stove and gas stove are ok, but watch out and like to use the tables in the common area. 
  8. Please grill only at the designated grill areas and not on the tent meadows. A fire extinguisher and fire blanket are located next to the kiosk window. Another fire extinguisher hangs next to the pizza oven.
  9. Campfires in the fire bowls are allowed only with our consent. Arbitrarily lit fires - e.g. in the grill trays - are strictly prohibited!
  10. Collecting firewood on the campsite and in the surrounding area is not allowed. Deadwood represents an important habitat that contributes to the ecological balance and should not be missing in any garden. You can get firewood at the kiosk.
  11. After 10 p.m., or at the latest at nightfall, the night's rest begins. That means no loud conversations, no loud laughter, no loud activities. Parents have to make sure that children stop running around noisily and come to rest.
  12. Spirits and beverages containing spirits are prohibited on the premises for youth protection reasons - beer and wine are permitted within reason. Smoking cannabis products (THC, CBD) is not permitted on the tent meadows, especially in the presence of children.
  13. Register your guests briefly - visitor price 4,00€ / person.
  14. Dogs and other pets are not allowed.
  15. Trees and plants must not be damaged. Harvesting fruits and wild plants is allowed only with our consent.
  16. No ball and racing games on the campsite! Risk of accident due to tent cords and pegs! We have the play area directly in front of the entrance gate and the area around the lake.
  17. Please do not feed wild animals or horses.
  18. Don't leave food and garbage bags lying around in plain sight, or the hedgehog may hiss at you during your midnight snack.
  19. Dispose of and separate your trash in the garbage cans provided. You can collect uncooked organic waste and drop it off for compost at the kiosk. Please do not use disposable tableware. We lend plates and cutlery at the kiosk if needed (1€/set incl. cleaning).
  20. Please use our ashtrays or your own. One discarded butt contaminates 40 liters of groundwater and can poison wildlife and pets!
  21. Use water and energy sparingly. Pours cooking water in the sink at the sanitary building and not on the tent lawns. Otherwise the lawn will burn!
  22. Children under the age of six should not enter the sanitary rooms unless accompanied by an adult for safety and sanitary reasons.
  23. Damage to furnishings and rental tents will be borne by the party causing the damage.
  24. We assume no liability for accidents, the loss of things and valuables brought along, as well as for damage to things brought along, caused by guests, third parties or force majeure.
  25. The use of the campground area is at your own risk. Playing by the river, lake, and spending time under trees bring dangers. Remember that and watch your children. You are liable for them.
  26. Please seek shelter in the sanitary building at all hours during thunderstorms and severe storms. Staying on the tent meadows or in the tent is at your own risk.
  27. We reserve the right to refuse access to our property or to expel persons who do not abide by these rules or who endanger the community and safety on the campground.

Thank you for your understanding!

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