Camping on the Lower Rhine: An experience for all the senses

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Camping in Kevelaer

The Anna Fleuth campground is located on the Lower Rhine, in the small village of Winnekendonk, about 4 km from the Marian pilgrimage site of Kevelaer. An image of the saint shows Mary with little Jesus in her arms and is the main reason for many people to go on pilgrimage to Kevelaer. Exciting stories entwine around this place, where several spontaneous healings have been proven to have occurred.

In the center is the Chapel Square with the Chapel of Grace, Candle Chapel, Priest House and Basilica. From May to October is the main pilgrimage season and the many pilgrimages and processions fill the square with life and colorful activity.

Another reason for many people to come to Kevelaerer is the special flair of the city center. In the historic town center, cafés and inns line the streets and alleys, inviting you to stop and linger.

In addition, Kevelaer is known for its arts and crafts. Goldsmiths and silversmiths, stained glass, sculpture, organ and plucked instrument making are just a few of the crafts located here.

Those who want to store will find the opportunity to do so in the boutiques and stores of the pedestrian zones on Bahn Street, Busman Street and Main Street.

In the brine garden St. Jacob there is a wooden saline in the shape of a scallop shell. Salt water is pumped here from an underground brine deposit and trickled down the blackthorn walls of the saline. There is seating, an expansive lawn, a pub trail, volleyball court and trim-dich equipment. The restaurant "Venga" has a good cuisine.

Camping on the Lower Rhine

The area surrounding Kevelaer is heavily agricultural. Small villages, old farmsteads, wide fields, occasional forest sections and a multitude of small rivers give the region its typical and endearing character.

The small villages are often only a few kilometers apart and usually have an old village center with historic buildings, marketplaces and, of course, a village church. The church tower of a village can usually be seen from afar on the Lower Rhine.

As the name suggests, the campground is located on the Fleuth, or more precisely on the Issumer Fleuth. This small river rises near Issum and flows into the Niers about 500 meters behind our property. Beavers have been living here again since 2016, which can be seen from the clear feeding marks.

Between Issum, Geldern and Kapellen lies the Fleuthkuhlen nature reserve. Due to peat extraction in the 18. and In the 19th century, lakes, ponds and siltation zones were created here, which today provide a habitat for a variety of rare animal and plant species.

The Niers with its various oxbow lakes is the largest river in the region. It rises in Kukum near Erkelenz and flows into the Meuse near Gennep. Since 2009, the entire course of the river can be explored by bicycle on the Niersradwanderweg and "paddling on the Niers" is a popular leisure activity.

Due to the Lower Rhine plain, the bicycle is the most popular means of transportation to explore the surrounding area.

The border is not far

Another special feature of the region is its proximity to the Netherlands. Not far away runs the border and in no time you reach the Meuse and the nature park Maasduinen.

This is a vast dune area that is characterized by its diverse flora and fauna and is great for hiking and biking. A visit to the pancake house "Jachthut op den Hamer" or "In de Sluis" at the Reindersmeer strengthen the cyclist for the return journey.

Here you can also find a natural playground "Speelbos De Boskoel" and the nearest natural swimming lake, "Dagstrand Seurenheide".

Orientation is provided by a well-signposted, cross-border network of cycle paths and a system of junctions.


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