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Zeltplatz Anna Fleuth
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Zeltplatz Anna Fleuth
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Weekends can only be reserved in full (Fri.-Sun.)

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Family tents for rent

Our family tents are set up and ready for occupancy. Please note that already up to four persons are included in the rent. To help us keep track, please still indicate the total number of people staying in family tents. Minimum stay: 2 nights

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Occupancy plan for the 2022 season

The occupancy plan is only a guide and does not justify a right to free places. Unfortunately, overlapping of already reserved services and symbols not yet entered in the allocation plan cannot be ruled out. Of course, we try to keep the plan as up-to-date as possible.

Weekends we can always reserve you only completely, from Friday to Sunday.

1 So1 Mi1 Fr F1 Mo FF1 Do
2 Mo 2 Do2 Sa 2 Di FF2 Fr G
3 Di3 Fr G3 So 3 Mi3 Sa G
4 Mi4 Sa G4 Mo 4 Do4 So
5 Do5 So G 5 Di 5 Fr FF5 Mo
6 Fr6 Mo 6 Mi FF6 Sa FF6 Di
7 Sa7 Di7 Do FF7 So7 Mi
8 So8 Mi8 Fr F8 Mo8 Do
9 Mo9 Do9 Sa F9 Di9 Fr G
10 Di10 Fr10 So F10 Mi10 Sa G
11 Mi11 Sa 11 Mo FF11 Do11 So
12 Do12 So12 Di F12 Fr G12 Mo
13 Fr G13 Mo13 Mi FF13 Sa G13 Di
14 Sa G14 Di14 Do FF14 So14 Mi
15 So 15 Mi G15 Fr FF15 Mo15 Do
16 Mo16 Do G16 Sa FF16 Di16 Fr
17 Di17 Fr G17 So17 Mi17 Sa
18 Mi18 Sa G18 Mo F18 Do18 So 
19 Do19 So 19 Di F19 Fr G19 Mo
20 Fr G20 Mo 20 Mi F20 Sa G20 Di
21 Sa G21 Di   21 Do21 So21 Mi
22 So22 Mi   22 Fr G22 Mo   22 Do
23 Mo23 Do   23 Sa GF23 Di   23 Fr
24 Di24 Fr FF24 So F24 Mi   24 Sa
25 Mi25 Sa FF25 Mo25 Do   25 So
26 Do G26 So26 Di26 Fr26 Mo
27 Fr G27 Mo27 Mi FF27 Sa27 Di
28 Sa G28 Di FF28 Do FF28 So28 Mi
29 So29 Mi F29 Fr GF29 Mo29 Do
30 Mo30 Do F30 Sa GF30 Di30 Fr
31 Di31 So F31 Mi

GREEN  –  less than 30 people on the site - many free tent pitches available

ORANGE  - more than 40 people on the site - only a few tent pitches still available

RED  - 50 persons on the site - fully booked, arrival without car may still be possible

BLUE  - Adult-Days 2022 - Free places, More info you will find here ...

1 - 2 F  –  one or two family tents occupied (only bookable in the summer holidays)

G  –  group meadow occupied; only small groups possible (e.g.: 1-2 families, couples, individual travellers,...)


We answer the most important questions about your stay at Anna Fleuth in our FAQ section:

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Zeltplatz Anna Fleuth

Niersstraße 39, 47626 Kevelaer


+49 (0)2832 89 99 80



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What our guests say

Devider Blau

Google Reviews

17. June 2022

Muss man mal gesehen haben

17. June 2022

Sehr schöner Zeltplatz, außerordentlich freundlich, malerische Umgebung.

17. May 2022

Wir waren über Ostern auf unserer Bikepackingtour und sind beim googlen für unsere letzte Nacht im Zelt auf diesen Zeltplatz gestossen. Bisschen versteckt und leider auch noch vor der Session.. Denoch durften wir bleiben und fanden es sehr schön dort. Lieber Besitzer und wir kommen bestimmt wieder, wenn wir wieder in der Nähe zum Bikepacking unterwegs sind. 😊

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