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Wochenenden können wir euch immer nur ganz reservieren (Fr.-So.).

Anzahl Personen im eigenen Zelt

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Familienzelte mieten

Unsere Familienzelte sind aufgebaut und bezugsbereit. Bitte beachte, dass bereits bis zu vier Personen in der Miete enthalten sind. Damit der voraussichtliche Gesamtpreis richtig berechnet wird, gib bitte nur hier die Anzahl der Personen an, die im Anna Fleuth-Familienzelt übernachten. Mindestaufenthaltsdauer: 2 Übernachtungen, nur in den Sommerferien

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Hauptsaison: Himmelfahrt, Pfingsten, Fronleichnam, Juni, Juli, August

Nebensaison: -1€ / Person / Nacht


Occupancy plan for the season 2023 from 28. Apr - 01. Oct

The occupancy plan is only a guide and does not justify a right to free places. Unfortunately, overlapping of already reserved services and symbols not yet entered in the allocation plan cannot be ruled out. Of course, we try to keep the plan as up-to-date as possible.

Weekends we can always reserve you only completely, from Friday to Sunday.

Family tents may still be available for booking during the summer vacations, even with red markings.

Parookaville Festival July 21-23: Sorry, we are no longer accepting festival guests. This weekend only families with children.

1 Mo1 Do1 Sa G1 Di1 Fr G
2 Di 2 Fr G2 So2 Mi2 Sa G
3 Mi3 Sa G3 Mo3 Do3 So
4 Do4 So4 Di4 Fr4 Mo
5 Fr G5 Mo5 Mi5 Sa5 Di
6 Sa G6 Di6 Do6 So6 Mi
7 So G7 Mi7 Fr7 Mo7 Do
8 Mo G8 Do8 Sa8 Di8 Fr
9 Di G9 Fr9 So9 Mi9 Sa
10 Mi G10 Sa10 Mo G10 Do10 So
11 Do G11 So11 Di G11 Fr11 Mo
12 Fr12 Mo12 Mi G12 Sa12 Di
13 Sa13 Di13 Do G13 So13 Mi
14 So14 Mi14 Fr14 Mo14 Do
15 Mo15 Do15 Sa15 Di15 Fr
16 Di16 Fr 16 So16 Mi16 Sa
17 Mi17 Sa 17 Mo17 Do17 So
18 Do18 So18 Di18 Fr G18 Mo
19 Fr19 Mo19 Mi19 Sa G19 Di
20 Sa20 Di20 Do20 So20 Mi
21 So21 Mi21 Fr21 Mo21 Do
22 Mo22 Do G22 Sa22 Di22 Fr
23 Di23 Fr G23 So23 Mi23 Sa
24 Mi24 Sa G24 Mo24 Do24 So
25 Do25 So25 Di25 Fr G25 Mo
26 Fr26 Mo26 Mi26 Sa G26 Di
27 Sa27 Di27 Do27 So27 Mi
28 So28 Mi G28 Fr G28 Mo28 Do
29 Mo29 Do G29 Sa G29 Di29 Fr G
30 Di30 Fr G30 So30 Mi30 Sa G
31 Mi31 Mo31 Do

GREEN  –  less than 30 people on the site - many free tent pitches available

ORANGE  - more than 40 people on the site - only a few tent pitches still available

RED  - 50 persons on the site - fully booked, arrival without car may still be possible

1 - 2 F  –  one or two family tents occupied (only bookable in the summer holidays)

G - Group meadow occupied; no more large groups possible.


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