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Devider Blau

We are "Anna Fleuth", a family business that has been running a small but fine natural campsite in Kevelaer-Winnekendonk on the left side of the Lower Rhine since 2010. The expression "Anna Fleuth" means something like 'on the Fleuth' in the colloquial language of the Lower Rhine. What is meant is the small river Issumer Fleuth, on which the campsite is located.

The core of the Anna Fleuth team consists of the grandparents Maria and Ludger, the second generation, Daniel, Helen, Fredda, Christian, Meike and the youngest offspring Robin and Nico.

Maria, the operator and boss, is a trained educator and systemic consultant as well as the mother of four children. She brings her social skills and friendly nature to the company and, as a long-time employee of Lebenshilfe and herself the mother of a disabled daughter, has particular experience in dealing with people with disabilities.

"Grandpa Ludger" is more of the maker in the background. As a bricklayer and architect, his strengths lie in preparing the space and the facilities in such a way that everything "fits, doesn't wobble and looks like something!" Hours at night fall victim to brooding. But it's worth it, as the willing visitor can see from our "Gesamtkunstwerk Zeltplatz Anna Fleuth".

Daniel, son of Maria and Ludger, is the closest thing to a groundsman. He helps with everything, likes to be there a lot and takes care of the guests and the administration. As a musician and studied ethnomusicologist, he is always happy about musicians and (life) artists who enrich the campground with their existence and their art. He himself offers sound meditations at the campground with, among other things, singing bowls, guitar and nature sounds, as well as wild vegetable workshops. If you are interested in tantric touch or polyamorous lifestyle, please feel free to contact him on these topics as well. He spends the breaks in his extended trailer or does Tai Chi at Lake Anna.

Helen, Daniel's partner, is always on hand with advice and helps out in the kiosk on weekends and holidays, or has Daniel's back when it comes to children, when there is a lot to do on the course.

Frederike aka Fredda is Daniel's sister, trained horse manager and event/marketing specialist. For her small business FreddArt Streetpainting she works as a freelance artist, paints streets and walls with chalk and acrylic paints and organizes street art events. Fredda's homepage illustrates their work very well . She supports the campsite with words and deeds whenever she has the time.

Christian, Daniel's brother, painted the construction trailer and helps out with campground events, for example. He works as a teacher in Wuppertal and is therefore rarely in the Lower Rhine.

Meike is the second daughter of Maria and Ludger, mentally handicapped and autistic. She lives in chapels in the St. Bernhardin dormitory and visits us again and again. When Meike then moves across the square with her various utensils (ribbons, cards, strings...), children in particular are amazed at her special appearance.

Robin, son of Helen and Daniel, already knows the campground well and helps with the pizza baking. Nico, his brother, likes animals. His favorite pet is Anouk, our Dogue de Bordeaux.

For the cleaning of the sanitary building we have been helped for a few years by the dear Guido from "Gebäudereinigung Bobrowski". Just let the guys do it in peace and use the wheelie lavatory when cleaning the men's or women's areas.

Furthermore, we receive support from nature and adventure educators as well as friends, acquaintances and relatives.

Our philosophy

We would like to enrich the scenically and culturally attractive region around the pilgrimage site of Kevelaer with a sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism concept.

We see camping on the Lower Rhine as a contemporary alternative to mass and all-inclusive tourism and as an opportunity for local recreation for families and nature lovers.

We would like to enable our guests to have a holiday experience close to nature in a family atmosphere with appropriate comfort.

Environmental awareness, disabled and family-friendly facilities and personal guest care are very important to us.

With the Anna Fleuth campsite, we promote cultural exchange among ourselves as well as tolerant and open-minded cooperation.

We wish you a lot of fun and a nice holiday at the Anna Fleuth campsite!


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