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We have a central fireplace in the main square. Under the yurt roof is a fire bowl in which you - even in light rain - may make a fire, for example for stick bread. But please use only the wood that you can buy from us at the kiosk. You are also welcome to share a load of wood with other guests, we will then write accordingly on the kiosk lists (6 € / load).

On the group meadow is usually possible only barbecue. A swivel grill is available for use there.

Very important: Please discuss every fire with us beforehand! Unauthorized lit fires in the fire bowls, the grill bowls or on the tent meadows are strictly prohibited and will be extinguished immediately!

A fire extinguisher and fire blanket are located next to the kiosk window. Another fire extinguisher hangs next to the pizza oven.

In case of drought and danger of forest fire or strong wind, campfires and the use of charcoal grills may not be possible! We inform about restrictions at the top of this page.

Barbecue sites

In the common area there are four grills with swivel grills where you can grill. There are also benches and tables for you. Barbecuing on the tent meadows is not permitted for safety reasons.

Spirit or other liquid barbecue lighters are not allowed because of the fire hazard associated with them. We have so-called "coal fireplaces" on site. Wood and wax based lighters and good charcoal are sold at the kiosk (5 € / charcoal&lighter).

You can unhook the grill grates and clean them at our outside sink, there are wire brushes ready. We also lend plates with cutlery for 1,00€ each including cleaning. So please do not use disposable tableware!

Regional grilled meat without antibiotics is available from Hoffleischerei Hawix in Sonsbeck. There you can also pre-order if necessary. The farm is located directly next to the highway exit Sonsbeck (A57). There is also a 24h grill meat vending machine.
Directly in Winnekendonk there is the organic farm Etzolt with farm store.


Bake pizza

Saturdays are usually our pizza night together, because you can bake great pizza in our stone oven! And it goes like this:

You order a pizza tray at the kiosk on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings and arrange with us when you can pick up the tray at the kiosk on Saturday evenings (usually between 17:30 and 19:30).

We will prepare our organic pizza dough (half wholemeal) with organic tomato sauce on pizza trays and you will pick up the tray at the agreed time. You bring the toppings and cheese with you - there is an Edeka in the village.

You then topple the pizza according to your wishes and take the tray to the "Master of Fire" (Vadda). He bakes the pizza in the stone oven and you get the hot pizza cut on a plate back. You can then take the plate with the pizza to your tent or to the tables in the common area.

You are welcome to bring the plate back to the kiosk after the meal.

A note on toppings from experience: too many mushrooms or fresh tomatoes or too much mozzarella will make the pizza very watery, as it will only bake for about 7 - 10 minutes. So please use these ingredients sparingly.

One prepared tray is enough for two adults and one child, is about 30×40 cm and costs 18 € at the kiosk.


Bread on a stick

Stick bread is the classic when camping. Therefore, at the kiosk you can also get stick bread dough and we tell you where you can get suitable sticks. Bread on sticks goes on the campfire or also over coal fires at the grills. But be careful with red-hot stick tips! The simplest rule here: anything that burns or glows stays above the bowl.

Since the stickbread dough is freshly frozen, please let us know in the morning so we can get the dough out of the freezer in time (100g / 1,00€) .



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