Father-child camping

The Anna Fleuth classic: father-child camping

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Father-child camping is a classic, we can confirm! And it's great when fathers go camping with their children in nature, play together and experience actions such as baking pizza, campfires with stick bread or trips to the surrounding area together.

Quite a few fathers enjoy this free time with their children with us and therefore like to come back. The "Wilden Kerle" from Düsseldorf are even driven by their children - even if only for breakfast! (Image: Wild Guys)

However, we have also had to make some unpleasant experiences. And unfortunately, the father-child groups in particular stood out here. Therefore, we would like to remind you of important points in this context:

  • We urge you to consume alcohol in moderation only. Who travels with children and gets drunk, violates his duty of supervision in our eyes! 
  • There are always dangers in nature and children sometimes need to be reminded of rules. Drunk you can no longer react adequately and you endanger your children and the community on the campsite, not to mention the role model function!
  • Spirits and beverages containing spirits are prohibited at our campsite according to the campsite rules and for reasons of youth protection!
  • After 10 p.m., or at the latest at nightfall, the night's rest begins. We are a small place and tent walls are thin. Therefore, you must be quiet. That means no loud conversations, no loud laughter, no loud activities. 
  • If your children are still allowed to stay up, you must make sure that they stop running noisily around the campground. Other campsite guests will feel disturbed if this does not work. And we don't want to have to fret about these things either.
  • Since we would like to know who is camping in our garden or has already arrived, we expect everyone to register personally at the reception upon arrival.
  • Since the 2024 season, we have been limiting the father-child camping group size to a maximum of 10 people including children and expect joint registration via the reservation form.


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