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Sanitary building

The sanitary building, built in 2010 and equipped with renewable energy (photothermal + wood pellet heating), is the central supply point of the campsite. Here is the reception and kiosk, open lounge, outdoor sink and sanitary facilities. For people with handicap or families with children there is a separate room with shower, toilet, washbasin and changing table.

The sanitary building also serves as a shelter during thunderstorms and severe storms and has a lightning protection system. We ask that you leave the tent meadows and tents at all hours and seek shelter in the building if thunderstorms or severe storms are forecast.

Staying on the tent meadows or in the tent is at your own risk.


Our tent sites on the main field and group meadow do not have electricity.

There are some power outlets in the common room for your battery devices such as cell phones, power banks, laptops, mp3 players, etc.

You can also drop off your devices for charging at the kiosk.

Charging e-bike batteries costs 0,50€.

For the use of a powered cooler we charge a flat rate of 2,50€ / day. We will show you where to put the box in the lounge when you check in.

We are happy to charge your cold packs overnight. You can drop them off during kiosk opening hours in a sturdy plastic bag with your name on it and pick them up there later.

We obtain our electricity through NiersEnergie from 100% hydroelectric power and harvest direct electricity through a balcony power plant.


If you are staying longer and want to do a load of laundry, feel free to talk to us. We will then fire up a machine for you (4,00€). If needed we also have a dryer (3,00€).


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